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In 1982, after attending a banquet in New York City organized by the New York Jade Society, an association of NYPD Asian American police officers, 8 Asian American Boston Police officers decided to form an association similar to NY Jade to share their common interests. Thus, the Asian Jade Society of Boston was born. BPD officer James Fong became its first president. Since then, the association has continued its tradition and goals of providing a fraternity for Asian American police officers and others throughout the New England area. In 1999, Asian Jade Society of Boston decided to distinguish itself from the numerous Asian Jade Societies throughout the United States. The association changed its name to the Benevolent Asian Jade Society of New England. Today, the association continuously involves and engages in activities that advance and benefit not only the interests of BAJS itself, but the Asian American Communities served by its members as well.

Some of the significant events and dates that BAJS has either organized, supported or sponsored are:

  • 1978 Members of NY and Boston Jade (prior to officially formed) organized the first IAOCC (International Asian Organized Crime Conference) in New York City.

  • 1985 Asian Jade Society of Boston joined NAPOA (National Asian Peace Officers Association).

  • 1988 Asian Jade Society of Boston hold its first annual Chinese New Year's Banquet.

  • 1995 Asian Jade Society of Boston supported the 18th IAOCC conference in Boston.

  • 2000 BAJS hold its first annual Golf Tournament.

  • 2001 BAJS sponsored the 14th NAPOA conference in Boston.

  • 2002 BAJS supported Jefferson County Sheriff Department in sponsoring the 15th NAPOA conference in New Orleans.

  • 2003 BAJS celebrated its 20th Anniversaries banquet at China Pearl in Boston.

  • 2003 BAJS supported the 25th and final IAOCC conference in Boston.

  • 2008 BAJS hosts its 25th anniversary Chinese New Year's Banquet.

  • 2008 BAJS honors the founding 8 Boston police officers who formed the organization.

  • 2010 BAJS sponsored the 23rd NAPOA conference in Boston.

  • 2010 BAJS official became a 501(c)(3) organization.

  • 2012 BAJS hosts its 30th anniversary banquet

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