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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Asian Jade Society of Boston was born. BPD officer James Fong became its first president. Since then, the association has continued its tradition and goals of providing a fraternity for Asian American police officers and others throughout the New England area. In 1999, Asian Jade Society of Boston decided to distinguish itself from the numerous Asian Jade Societies throughout the United States. The association changed its name to the Benevolent Asian Jade Society of New England. Today, the association continuously involves and engages in activities that advance and benefit not only the interests of BAJS itself, but the Asian American Communities served by its members as well.


Our Mission

In order to recruit, retain, promote and encourage Asian American involvement and support for law enforcement as both a profession and as a service to the community as well as supporting community based crime prevention programs, the Benevolent Asian Jade Society of New England, Inc. was formed.

In consideration of this mission the corporation is dedicated to:

  • Provide a fraternity for Asian American police officers and others to share their common interests.

  • Foster relations by and between Asian American law enforcement officers and the agencies they are employed by as well as the communities they serve.

  • Educate and enhance understanding of Asian American culture and cultural practices with law enforcement personnel and agencies.

  • Promoting and encouraging Asian American individuals to become law enforcement officers locally, statewide and federally.

  • Provide scholarships for the children of law enforcement officers serving in the New England region and those students pursuing an education in Criminal Justice.

  • Promoting and organizing crime prevention activities in Asian American and all other communities throughout New England served by the membership.

  • Establish communication and develop trust between the Asian communities in New England and the law enforcement agencies who serve them.

  • Network with other Asian American police associations.

  • Define and disseminate the role of the Asian American law enforcement officer in today's society.

Meet The Team

Agencies our members serve

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