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2024 NAPOA

The National Training Symposium will offer topics that are both dynamic and compelling, concerning Homeland Security, Terrorism, Current Trends & Investigation Techniques, Leadership Development, EEO Process and Bridging the Cultural Gap, Officer Safety and Survival, Wellness, Promotional & Inter-view Preparedness, Management & Leadership as well as other topics of general interest.


The instructors are all recognized experts or specialists in their fields of expertise. This Training Symposium will provide valuable insight on contemporary issues and trends facing law enforcement and an opportunity for attendees to meet and collaborate with local, state, and federal personnel from law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

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October 19-22


The International Association of Chiefs of Police 2024 Annual Conference and Exposition will take place in Boston at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

IACP 2024 is a professional law enforcement event, open to IACP members, qualified non-members, and exposition exhibitors.  

Only IACP members can take advantage of the member registration rate. All IACP memberships are individual and non-transferable for conference registration member rates. 

Qualified non-members include sworn officers, first responders, public safety personnel, civilians, and members of the armed forces. Civilian employees of public safety and government agencies includes offices of police, sheriffs, EMS, fire hazard, hazmat; park rangers from federal, state, city, county, campus, and tribal agencies; and the armed forces. A valid form of identification will be required. The IACP reserves the right to refuse ineligible registrations.

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